How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

Today we are talking all about how to style natural hair without breaking the bank! I will include videos to help you out in the visualization of each style! Hopefully these styles will add a new sense of style into your hair look!

How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!
How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned stylist, everybody needs some go-to styles that are cute but more realistic and quick to accomplish with a low budget and minimal effort.

Here are a few hairstyles that you can totally do by yourself. Watch the tutorials and then give them a try!

1. Low or High Bun

A bun is a great option for your natural hair because it can be installed in a matter of minutes, it protects your ends from damage and the environment, and it’s a classy look that never gets old.

This hairstyle works on medium length hair or longer.

2. Space Buns

These space buns are so cute, and something different (but yet still simple) if you’re getting tired of your daily hairstyles. This style works best on medium length hair or longer.

3. Fauxhawk

This style is really cute and pretty easy to achieve. All you’ll need is a few bobby pins and some longer natural hair! But the same concept can be accomplished with much shorter natural hair.

4. High Puff

The high puff is a simple yet elegant style that works well on all-natural hair lengths and all curly hair textures.

If you have short hair or long hair, I’ve got you! Here is how to get it done:

Here is a second way with longer hair. Puffs are great for any occasion as long as you know how to style it right!

5. Classic Afro

This style is a stunning one and I have to admit that it looks great on any hair length. Here is how to get it done!

6. Twist-out

Twist outs never gets old or get out of style. They are timeless, classy and work for any occasion.

7. Extensions and Clip-ins

Don’t be scared by extensions or clip-ins. They’re not that hard to install as they look, and they help you to accomplish a versatility of beautiful styles no matter your natural hair length! Here is a short video that shows a cute, simple style with clip-ins.

8. Wash N’ Go

We all know that wash and go styles are never easy and simple as it sounds but this tutorial shows a pretty simple way to pull it off. Make sure to watch the tutorial below for some tips!

9. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots aren’t really as difficult as they look. You can rock this style as is, or unravel the knots just like in this video tutorial for a beautiful twist-out effect.

Bantu knots work on any hair of any length! The shorter your natural hair, the smaller your knots will be but again you will end up making more knots due to the length.

10. Finger Coils

Finger coils are pretty simple and easy to install because it does not take a LONG time to install. This style works on any hair length.

We all love curls and coils, but many of us cant really see our curls! Do not worry, try this finger coils style on your 4c natural hair and you will love the end results!

When it comes to spring you may be wondering what style will match your outfit and still give your curls some peace, these 3 spring hair style ideas are the perfect way to go about it!

Half Up Half Down Natural Black Hairstyles

If you really want to keep your hair all-natural, you should skip the braids and simply go for a lovely half up half down top knot. With this style, you should make sure to comb the first half sleekly to the top and allow your beautiful curls to flow freely in the back.

Flat Twist Out Curls

If you want to enhance your look with curls then this style is great for adding volume into your hairstyle!

How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!
How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

There you have it,How To Style Natural Hair Like A Super Stylist!

How do you style yuor natural hair?

What to read next? I’ve got you!

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